Aventon Abound - Deal from E-Bikes of New England

The Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library has partnered with E-Bikes of New England to offer a discount on a package deal with accessories for the Aventon Abound.

Bikes are assembled by professional bike mechanics, and delivered to your door in the Camberville area, within the week for in-stock bikes. For each bike purchased, E-Bikes of New England will donate $50 to the Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library.

Currently, some accessories are sold out from Aventon, so some parts of this deal may be delayed.

PackageCurrent Sale PriceE-Bikes of New England Price
Standard: This base accessory package includes the handrail, rear seat pad, and a front rack, for a ready-to-ride experience designed to haul two older kids.$2234$2003
Ready to Haul: The Ready to Haul package adds a double-width milk crate mounted to the front rack for all your carrying needs, and a Lezyne bell.$2294$2050
Ready to Transport: This package adds a rack-mounted Yepp Maxx child seat. (This is the configuration available for borrowing from the E-Bike Lending Library.)$2544$2250

All prices include professional assembly and delivery.

E-Bikes of New England has also donated a Ready to Transport model Aventon Abound to the library for families to try before they buy; if you’d like to try out the bike, you can request to borrow the bike to try! Thanks to E-Bikes of New England for their support of the library and the Camberville Cycling Community!