Tern GSD - Deal from E-Bikes of New England

The Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library has partnered with E-Bikes of New England to offer a discount on a package deal with accessories for the Tern GSD.

Bikes are assembled by professional bike mechanics, and delivered to your door in the Camberville area, typically within the week for in-stock bikes.

All accessory packages include

  • Tern Hauler Rack
  • double-wide milk crate,
  • The appropriate Tern Clubhouse
  • 9mm Kryptonite Chain for use with the built-in wheel lock.

Each package can be purchased for any of the GSD line.

List Price:$4,499$4,999$5,899$7,499
Camberville Discount Price:$4,299$4,699$5,549$7,049
Bench Seat Accessory Packages: Setup for two older kids, includes Clubhouse+ (including seating).$4,670$5,070$5,920$7,420
Bench + Child Seat Package: Includes one Yepp Next child seat, and the Clubhouse+ (including seating).$4,870$5,270$6,120$7,620
Two Child Seat Package: Includes two Yepp Next child seats, and the Clubhouse Gen3$5,054$5,454$6,304$7,804

Does this package not match what you want? Reach out to E-Bikes of New England to discuss what you’re looking for and get a custom price, with the same discount on accessories across the board for Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library community members!

All prices include professional assembly and delivery to the Camberville area; delivery south of the Charles River is an additional $50.

For each bike purchased, E-Bikes of New England will donate $100 to the Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library.