Tern HSD + Quick Haul - Deal from E-Bikes of New England

The Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library has partnered with E-Bikes of New England to offer a discount on a package deal with accessories for single rider bikes like the Tern HSD and Tern Quick Haul.

Bikes are assembled by professional bike mechanics, and delivered to your door in the Camberville area, typically within the week for in-stock bikes.

All packages include a Tern Hauler Rack and double-wide milk crate, a built in ABUS wheel lock, and a 9mm Kryptonite Chain, plus the Tern recommended seating accessories.

Prices are listed below for HSD P10, Quick Haul P9 Sport, and QuickHaul D8, but can be combined with any HSD model; just contact E-Bikes of New England for pricing!

PackageHSD P10QuickHaul P9QuickHaul D8
Base Price:$4,049$2,749$2,399
Young Kid Setup: Yepp Child Seat, Clubhouse Mini$4,552$3,252$2,902
Bench Seat Setup: Clubhouse Mini, Clubhouse Madpad, Sidekick Footrests, Wheel Guard$4,504$3,204$2,854
Big Kid Setup: Captain’s Chair, Sidekick Footrests, Wheel Guard$4,532$3,232$2,882

Does this package not match what you want? Reach out to E-Bikes of New England to discuss what you’re looking for and get a custom price, with the same discount on accessories across the board for Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library community members!

All prices include professional assembly and delivery to the Camberville area; delivery south of the Charles River is an additional $50.

For each bike purchased, E-Bikes of New England will donate $50 to the Community Pedal Power E-Bike Lending Library.