How Much Does a Kid-Carrying Long-Tail E-bike Cost?

There are a wide range of long-tail bikes for carrying kids in the e-bike market. Depending on how many kids you’re looking to carry, you’ll want to put together a different accessory package for each of them. To help potential buyers make a more informed decision, this page lists what accessories you would want to buy with a bike for each model for carrying kids, based on whether you’re looking at kids in a child seat, or on a bench.

To create the best comparison across the board, each accessory package includes:

  • Front cargo space (basket/crate)
  • Rear handrail/safety bar, except where using two child seats
  • Capacity for carrying up to two children

In general, most parents find that they prefer their kids in a child seat until the age of 3 or 4.

The price with child seats is based on one or two seats priced at $250.

SetupTern GSD S10Yuba Kombi E5Globe Haul LTAventon AboundVelotric PackerLectric Xpedition
Base Model$4,499$3,299$3,299$1,799$1,999$1,475
2 Child Seats$5,394$4,019$4,194$2,427$2,689$2,144
1 Child seat, 1 bench$5,164$3,954$4,204$2,362$2,589$1,894
2 bench seats$4,914$3,789$4,014$2,112$2,339$1,644